Children’s Browser for Preschool Children

Online education currently is a popular area on the mobile Internet. When Apple released iPAD, many people thought that, “Harry Potter magic book has come true, the era of mobile education is coming!” Lin Xinglu also made such an exclamation when he got the first iPAD in 2010 and downloaded an “Alice in Wonderland”.

Beijing Xin’en Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Lin Xinglu, focuses on mobile education products, which were named after “MobEdu Mobile Education” for their series of products. On June 1, 2012, the company launched an online education platform for preschool children, positioning it as a children’s browser. The meaning of the platform means that the content is not directly created. For the content provider, the platform serves as the technology provider to do digital publishing business. At the same time, the platform aims to establish a micro-ecology with children, parents, and content providers. This ecology forms a model for online content distribution.

We have also introduced some online education platform products, such as children’s desktop “Colorful Paradise”, there are similarities in technology and product design, for example, parents can control the accounts through the lock screen and management permissions, etc. automatically download updates like the 360 desktop. The great difference in this type of product lies in the integration and operation of the content.

When chatting with Lin Xinglu, I got two strong feelings. First, he is creating a mobile education product like a father. Lin Xinglu’s daughter is almost 4 years old. In this MobEdu platform product, there seems to be a lot references of his daughter– what might be my daughter’s favorite things; what kind of content should I show my daughter at different ages; how to make her uses mobile devices more safely; how to let her stop at the right time when she was addicted; how to make her interact better with family and friends… At the same time, as a veteran who has entered the Internet industry since 1995, entered InfoHighway at 17 and then China Motion,, etc., Lin Xinglu’s idea of making products is very pragmatic and specific – how to use less money to create good contents and get good results; what to do with mobile Internet ASO (App Store Optimization), what kind of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience on the Internet can be used; where should new wave of users be directed to…

The current contents of this MobEdu platform product include audio, video, picture book and books, etc., one part of which is taken from the network by index, and other part is purchased from partners. As an experienced person in Internet, Lin Xinglu is very familiar with the field. Start with the application, polish the user experience, and use the previous resources to accumulate and introduce users. MobEdu Mobile Education has launched more than 10 children’s educational applications and has accumulated a total of one million downloads. These seed users will be a good starting point to make good use of these seed users to accumulate brand influence and attract good contents.

Combined with the application, they also consider peripheral products, such as physical toys that match the application play, the platform can provide the application, the content provider can provide the content image, and the toy manufacturer can produce the toys.

At present, there are five people in MobEdu Mobile Education team. The product was launched in June 2012 and its iOS version has been launched. Now there are dozens of GB content and hundreds of thousands of test users. According to statistics from Lin Xinglu, even 25% of users can stay for 30 minutes. Next, the “MobEdu Mobile Education” platform will also launch the Android version.

From: CYZone (December 29, 2012)

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